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Alcohol Rehab San Fernando Valley

Alcohol Rehab San Fernando Valley

Our addiction treatment center programs use various methodologies to get the best suitable treatment. Behavioral therapy is one of the common and most used methodologies. Its effectiveness is apparent and can be seen in a group, family, and individual settings. The approach focuses on different aspects of addiction, such as creating relapse prevention skills, switching destructive behaviors with productive ones, aiming for motivation towards recovery, and boosting relationships with others.

We offer various behavioral therapies that we are going to discuss in this article.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

CBT was first developed to handle mood disorders and later used to treat alcohol use disorder and other forms of addictions.CBT works using the theory that patterns of thought contribute to maladaptive behaviors, including substance abuse, but can be decreased by identifying and altering the negative emotions and thoughts. Top rehab centers in SFV use this form of treatment to benefit patients even long after they depart from our facility. Through our CBT techniques, patients reduce cravings, substance abuse and avoid relapse. Through cognitive restructuring, we guide you in examining your thoughts, discussing them with a therapist, and substituting them for helpful ideas.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

In the past, we used dialectical behavioral therapy to treat people with suicidal tendencies and borderline personalities. Nowadays, our addiction treatment rehab center in San Fernando Valley uses it to treat substance addiction. DBT aims to help patients improve their lives while synthesizing a balance between the need to avoid traumatic and painful experiences and the urge to accept that pain associated with life is unavoidable. Our therapists conduct DBT using a mix of group therapy, individual counseling sessions whose primary focus is building skills, and telephone sessions. We identify triggers that assist patients in avoiding them or develop coping skills. We encourage sobriety, but we address it with acceptance instead of judgment if there is a relapse.

Rational emotive therapy

Best private rehabs in SFV CA use this form of treatment to increase the individuals’ engagement and recovery efforts. During the stages of change, patients are assisted from thinking about enforcing changes to working towards the changes. The technique works best when incorporated with other practices. It is a short-term therapy, and we offer it in group or individual settings. Our therapist will encourage you to look at the negative consequences of substance abuse. The objective is why you want to make changes and the negative and positive aspects of the changes. Any resistance to behavior change is addressed so that ambivalences towards recovery are resolved.

Contingency management

Our luxury rehab in San Fernando Valley, CA, uses contingency management to reward addicts. Small vouchers or prizes are given in return for positive behaviors such as toxicology reports and negative drug tests. Our reward values can stay the same or increase as long as there is continued abstinence. We stop rewards when there is negative behavior such as relapse. Contingency management has a framework of operant conditioning, altering voluntary behaviors through positive or negative reinforcement. We use CM to offset the likelihoods of the behaviors by reinforcing abstinence through rewards.

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Alcohol Rehab San Fernando Valley
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Alcohol Rehab San Fernando Valley
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Alcohol Rehab San Fernando Valley Alcohol Rehab San Fernando Valley Alcohol Rehab San Fernando Valley

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