Becoming A Surrogate Mother

Becoming A Surrogate Mother

Surrogate pregnancy is a practice that has become an excellent alternative for couples with fertility problems (or alternative couples) who by their means cannot grow a family. Even though this practice is ancient, it was really since 1985 that its boom began. Thanks to technological and scientific advances, the popularity of the method has been increasing considerably.

There are two modalities for surrogate pregnancies. In the first place is traditional surrogacy, in which the ovum belongs to the mother who lends her belly for pregnancy. On the other hand, gestational surrogate motherhood occurs when the egg that intervenes in the formation of the baby does not belong to the surrogate mother. This method is used by Great Beginnings Surrogacy because it is the most effective.

Many fertile women nowadays offer themselves to help families to grow. If you as a woman have considered joining this growing group, it is vital that you think about the benefits that you will get from becoming a surrogate mother.

Personal satisfaction

The wish fulfilled for helping others can become a sufficient reason for becoming a surrogate mother. The joy of assisting other people who suffer from the vicissitudes of infertility, or those alternative couples who wish to become parents, elevates self-esteem and satisfies many desires for transcendence of surrogating women.

Emotional connection

In the matching process, Great Beginnings fundamentally seeks to select profiles that generate 100% confidence to you. All involved must have shared principles and values. This allows the process to happen under similar family structures.

Our agency provides a worldwide service, but there are times when geographically it is possible that the intended parents participate actively in the pregnancy, establishing emotional bonds that even last after the birth of the baby.

Through the services of Great Beginnings Surrogacy, you will have the opportunity to know the profiles of the available couples, and we will guide you to select the most suitable for you.

Medical care

The first benefit is the process the rigorous medical tests performed to consider you able to rent your belly. That allows you to verify your good health. Also, all medical expenses before, during and after pregnancy will have no cost to you. You will enjoy a full health coverage during this time.

Economic compensation

In addition to the expenses of the process, surrogate mothers receive a generous financial settlement. Women who are substitutes for the first time earn around $ 40,000. These amounts may vary since there are no written rules (in fact mothers with experience in surrogacy can obtain a better pay). Great Beginnings is concerned with mediating between the parties, so you reach financial agreements that are acceptable to all parties.

If you consider that becoming a surrogate mother is a good option for you, Great Beginnings is the best agency you will find. For more than 20 years of experience, beginning as Cori's Egg Donor and Surrogacy Services, Inc. we have helped many families to grow, providing not only technical expertise but the entire delivery and experience of Michelle Sneed our president, who is responsible for maintaining the high-quality standards in our services. Contact us and start the beautiful path of helping other families achieve their dreams.

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Becoming A Surrogate Mother
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Becoming A Surrogate Mother Becoming A Surrogate Mother Becoming A Surrogate Mother

We know it can be hard.

If you are really frustrated trying to become pregnant and feel it may be impossible  because you have been told: 

  • you are “too old”
  • your AMH is “too low”
  • your FSH is “too high” or your eggs are “low or poor quality”
  • you “don’t make enough” of them
  • that all of “your embryos are abnormal,”

we may have the perfect solution for you, one you won’t be able to find elsewhere in the world.

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