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Fertility issues can be stressful and frustrating. When you start to look for fertility specialists in San Diego, CA, to help, you may start to get a bit overwhelmed with all of your choices. However, picking out the right center does not have to add to the confusion and stress. The best thing to do is know what to look for, and you will have the right fertility specialists in San Diego to lean on for your fertility care. 

Different Types of Fertility Clinics in San Diego, CA 

Anyone looking for assistance from a fertility clinic will find that there may be several options available to choose from. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. It is a good idea to know that whatever type of clinic you select will not necessarily dictate the type of quality of patient care. The main types of clinics you may find include: 

  • Smaller practice
  • Large-scale, full-service practice
  • Sole practitioners
  • Clinics (hospital-based or university-based)
  • Fertility networks

Selecting the right option out of the best San Diego fertility clinics will be well worth the time it takes to research. You must have a team that you can trust and offer quality service in the long run. These are some of the things that you should always want out of a fertility center in San Diego: 

  • Service Offerings – Certain clinics will offer various services and might have a specific range of experience. A lot of clinics might offer egg freezing but might not offer to thaw. The freezing and thawing is a delicate process, which requires great expertise. Other common treatments could include unstimulated cycles, hormone injection therapy, and numerous IVF treatment add-ons.
  • Success Rates – It goes without saying that something this important, intricate, and involved calls for a team with great success rates. However, you must keep other factors in mind, such as the ever-changing field of IVF, the latest advancements, and the success rates put out by the CDC.
  • Cost and Billing – Anyone looking for fertility treatment in San Diego will undoubtedly be concerned about the cost and how to pay for it. Depending on each case, many patients will spend thousands of dollars on their treatments. In a lot of situations, these fees are paid in cash rather than going through with financing. It would help if you had a clinic with a good billing department that is informative and organized to have all of the details you need upfront.

Why Choose Gen 5 Fertility? 

Here at Gen 5 Fertility, we are the worldwide leaders in fertility care. Our fertility specialists in San Diego always treat our clients with respect, offering a level of service like no other facility in the region. We provide infertility evaluations and services, ovarian rejuvenation, and more. Our compassionate and highly-trained staff is ready to learn more about your story while assisting your fertility journey.

Learn more about our fertility services at Gen 5 Fertility by calling (858) 267-4365. Our fertility specialists in San Diego are available to answer any questions or concerns you have. Visit us on Facebook or YouTube!

Fertility Specialists San Diego
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Fertility Specialists San Diego Fertility Specialists San Diego Fertility Specialists San Diego

We know it can be hard.

If you are really frustrated trying to become pregnant and feel it may be impossible  because you have been told: 

  • you are “too old”
  • your AMH is “too low”
  • your FSH is “too high” or your eggs are “low or poor quality”
  • you “don’t make enough” of them
  • that all of “your embryos are abnormal,”

we may have the perfect solution for you, one you won’t be able to find elsewhere in the world.

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