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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Florida

As a victim of alcoholism, you should get the best treatment money can buy.  St. John’s Recovery Place specializes in addressing even the most advanced addiction conditions via a structured and comprehensive recovery approach. This includes inpatient alcohol rehab in Florida, an intensive form of treatment with outstanding long-term success.

What is inpatient alcohol rehab?

Many individuals struggle with varying degrees of alcoholism, from mild to severe. Our Florida addiction recovery centers offer inpatient care to cope with the latter, which usually requires more extensive treatment and attention. The inpatient program lasts for at least 30 days and can go up to 90 days or more, depending on the circumstances. The program’s goal is to help you overcome the withdrawal safely and adopt a healthier living routine over time.

You will remain at our facility for the duration of the treatment, during which our proficient clinicians and health professionals will assess your condition 24/7. They will assess your progress during treatment and provide you with access to our most advanced recovery modalities. Remaining under continuous supervision during the program is essential for ensuring your safety and comfort along the way.

How the inpatient treatment works

At our luxury rehab centers in Florida, the inpatient program will take you through several phases. These include:

  • Preliminary clinical investigation – This phase is critical for determining your addiction condition’s specifics. Our professionals will gather information about your situation and determine the correct treatment protocol based on the findings.
  • Detoxification and stabilization – The first treatment phase is detox, during which you will receive medication to inhibit cravings, cleanse the body of toxins and alcohol components, and calm the mind. It is a core procedure functioning as a preparatory modality before inpatient care. The detox treatment’s duration can vary between seven and 14 days.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment will take place during the inpatient program at our alcohol treatment centers. The goal is to identify, assess, and treat co-occurring disorders associated with your addiction condition. These may include issues like severe anxiety, emotional or mental trauma, PTSD, severe depression, bipolar disorder, etc.
  • Social reintegration support – Our treatment’s ultimate goal is to prepare you for social reintegration. We rely on combining multiple disciplines and modalities to achieve the best results. Some of the programs we’re using include behavioral therapy, relapse prevention training, individual and group counseling, personal growth support (career talks, hobbies, personal relationships), and holistic modalities like animal therapy, meditation, sports, nutritional therapy, etc.

Do I qualify for inpatient treatment?

Only our professionals know if you qualify for our inpatient drug addiction rehab in Florida. We recommend contacting them today, discuss about our Florida drug treatment, and see where you stand.

They will recommend specific drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL and prepare you for our inpatient alcohol rehab in Florida as soon as you arrive at our center. Call St. John’s Recovery Place at 833-397-3422 to discuss your insurance options and available treatment modalities and programs today!

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Florida
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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Florida Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Florida Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Florida

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