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Inpatient drug treatment facilities

Inpatient drug treatment facilities

If you need urgent care and assistance with your addiction, you need to immediately consider our inpatient drug treatment facilities. Royal Life Centers ensures safe and reliable recovery and healing from addiction in a controlled, comfortable, and safe recovery environment.

Here are five reasons why you will thoroughly enjoy our inpatient addiction treatment center:

1. Trigger-free environment

Joining an inpatient program is critical for patients coping with advanced addiction. Our facility offers a trigger-free environment, eliminating the risk of relapse. The inpatient treatment’s duration varies between 30, 60, and 90 days and a team of rehab experts will supervise the entire detox and recovery process. They will make sure you will remain safe from your everyday stressors and triggers, allowing you to focus on healing and sobriety exclusively.

2. Holistic recovery experience

We are not a medical center, which means no hospital’s functioning regulations bind us. Our treatment protocol combines medical and psychiatric procedures with holistic treatments and programs for mental, physical, and spiritual healing and rejuvenation. Our best addiction treatment near me relies on a holistic approach that includes:

  • Medical detoxification
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Individual and group guidance and counseling
  • Optimized nutrition
  • Regular workout for physical strengthening
  • Creating a healthy living routine
  • Personal development guidance, etc.

3. Long-term relapse prevention education

The inpatient program is an opportunity for each patient to learn more about their situation, addiction’s dangers, and the perfect strategies to remain sober and healthy over the years. Our drug treatment centers teach relapse prevention strategies and avoiding social and familial triggers post-rehab. This approach will help you understand more about your addiction, how relapse works, and how to remain healthy, active, and clean over the years. The relapse prevention education program also helps addicts’ families remain on their toes and help their loved ones if they show signs of relapse at some point in their lives.

4. Interacting with other patients

We believe that the addiction rehab process is a group effort. You’re not the only one taking part in your recovery journey, but our experts, your family, and other addicts as well. Our addiction treatment program will bring you closer to people battling similar problems so that you can exchange experiences, life stories, and moral and spiritual support. Our addiction rehab centers promote peer support and social reintegration as critical strategies towards attaining a healthy and drug and alcohol-free life over the years.

5. Comfort and safety

You no longer need to fear the withdrawal or the rehabilitation experience. Our inpatient drug treatment facilities ensure top safety and comfort during the treatment, providing access to TVs, comfortable bedrooms, modern amenities, a common area for recreational activities, etc. We strive to provide all the tools you need to remain calm, comfortable, positive, and focused on your recovery experience.

If you wish to speak to an addiction specialist, contact Royal Life Centers at 877-732-6837 for additional information about our rehab programs, insurance coverage, and treatment options. Start the new year in force and reshape your life!

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Inpatient drug treatment facilities Inpatient drug treatment facilities Inpatient drug treatment facilities

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