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Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim

Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim

If you’re struggling for a solution to your alcohol addiction, our inpatient treatment for alcohol in Anaheim is the answer. At Star Recovery Centers, we have created a unique rehabilitation treatment, providing patients with a serene, calm, and safe environment for fast recovery and sustainable healing. If you’re struggling with severe alcohol addiction, the inpatient program is your best chance at achieving sobriety.

Fast treatment for alcoholism

Just like drug addiction, alcohol addiction is a progressive and chronic disorder with cumulative effects over time. The difference is that we view alcohol consumption as a social tool for relaxation, meeting other people, celebrate different occasions, etc. In a way, we endorse it. This makes it more dangerous than drug addiction and a lot more difficult to combat and overcome.

The most reliable treatment begins with inpatient care for at least 30 days, depending on your overall condition and progress during the program. We recommend a 90-day program to allow the body and mind to detox, heal, and reset for the more severe cases. While you might think you don’t need inpatient care, your body and mind might suggest otherwise. To make sure you make the right choice, we invite you to our center for in-depth assessment and treatment planning.

Our experts will assess your health status and recommend a treatment strategy based on your needs, goals, and capabilities. Joining the inpatient treatment for alcohol in Anaheim is the best thing you can do in your journey towards sobriety.

How inpatient treatment works

The inpatient treatment relies on 24/7 monitoring and specialized assistance, supporting people through the detox and rehabilitation phase. The program’s length may vary from case to case, spanning between 30 and 90 days. During that period, you will undergo a multitude of recovery procedures, including:

  • Customized detoxification for cleansing and stabilization
  • Dual diagnosis treatment to cope with co-occurring disorders
  • Psychotherapies and behavioral therapies (CBT, DBT, MAT, trauma healing, depression treatment, etc.)
  • Support groups for healing via peer support
  • Group recreational activities
  • One-on-one counseling and therapy, etc.

The rehabilitation treatment is different for each individual, depending on their needs, progress, and overall goals. In most scenarios, we follow the inpatient treatment with other recovery programs, including outpatient programs and aftercare if necessary. This rehabilitation system is the most effective at delivering long-term results, allowing patients to incorporate sobriety into their lifestyle moving forward.

Overcome alcohol addiction with ease!

Believe it or not, battling addiction for 90 days and achieving sobriety as a result is the easy version of “alcohol rehabilitation.” In many cases, people struggle with their dependency for years or even for a lifetime in many situations. That’s because they keep relapsing along the way due to poor relapse maintenance or avoiding professional rehab. You shouldn’t do the same mistakes.

Our inpatient treatment for alcohol in Anaheim is the answer to all your problems. Contact Star Recovery Centers today, speak to a rehab counselor, and ask about our programs and treatment! You can come in for assessment and diagnosis today and begin the treatment asap for outstanding results fast.

Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim

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Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim

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