Lice Checks

Lice Checks

My Hair Helpers provides affordable lice checks and treatments throughout the greater LA County area. If you suspect lice in your home, give us a call to schedule an in-salon appointment or at-home treatment. We can come out 365 days a year, even during evening hours to provide lice checks and accompanying treatment if necessary. We guarantee lifetime-free results for 90 days and provide education to prevent lice return for life.

School Treatments

LA County schools trust My Hair Helpers for reliable lice removal services that include on-the-spot lice checks and treatment. Our highly trained head lice experts perform lice screenings and same-visit treatment for schools and camps across the region. If your school or camp has a history of lice outbreaks during a particular time of year, we can offer discreet head checks and lice removal services on-location. We’ve worked with a number of schools in your community and have helped them to become lice free. Call us for more information on our services.

Lice Checks Save Money

If you suspect lice, call My Hair helpers immediate for an in-salon, or at-home lice check- we can offer immediate inspections and treatments. We highly advise avoiding over-the-counter products, not because we want to sell you our products and services, but because lice have become resistant to treatments previously used to treat them. Super strains of lice respond well to our all-natural product line that is guaranteed to remove lice and prevent them from returning. We’ll work closely with you to educate you on methods of preventing future issues in your home.

Bottom Line- Lice Checks Work

You can prevent a lot of aggravation by scheduling a lice check for your family. We’ll make it easy by coming to your home and providing a discreet head check for everyone in your house. If we find lice, we’ll use an all-natural, non-chemical product to remove lice and prevent reoccurrence. Our proprietary product line has been used successfully on thousands of children and adults for safe elimination of head lice. Our products combined with our specially-designed lice eliminator comb eliminate both lice and nits, for first-time treatment results.

DIY Lice Removal

Save on treatment by purchasing our head Lice Removal & Prevention Kit that includes everything you need for an at-home self-treatment. Follow the simple instructions on our website for guaranteed success in removing lice from your home. We offer numerous options designed to meet your needs and budget:

  • Do-It-Yourself home products and tutorial
  • Child-friendly MHH salon for treatment
  • MHH comes to your home
  • MHH Comes to your school or camp

You can be lice free forever when you partner with us for timely lice checks and treatment. Learn more about lice in our FAQ section or by exploring our website’s resources for parents, teachers, and school superintendents. Don’t hesitate to call us for advice, tips, or additional information.

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Lice Checks Lice Checks Lice Checks

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