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Low Cost Psychiatrist Orange County

Low Cost Psychiatrist Orange County

If you are considering enrolling for rehabilitation, you have ignited a great light ready to shine bright for your future. And by coming this far to seek prices of rehabilitation programs, you are very close to overcoming that addiction or mental issue you may be facing. 

Different rehabilitation treatments depend on your addiction or mental issue and state and the kind of patient you will be, i.e., inpatient or outpatient. Other factors that influence prices include facility type to be used, facility location, amenities provided, program size, provided treatments, duration of the program, etc.

The following are programs we offer at Octeens and their price ranges.

Day Program

This program provides your teen with great day-to-day therapy with a range of treatment types. This aids them in every possible manner—our Day Program details individual therapy, family therapy, group counseling, and medication management. 

Also, to complement the different forms of therapy, your child will continue their school work with the guidance of our certified in-house tutors. The program is designed to run five days a week and offers your teen the structure and support they need to grow a happy lifestyle.   

Price Range: $130000 - $280000 per month. 

After School Program

If your teen is done with our Day Program and probably still needs to have access to a less intensive level of care, the After School Program is perfect for them. This after-school program takes just 3 hours a day and four days a week. Just like our Day Program, private therapy will be provided for your teen under a psychiatrist's supervision. Also, they'll have access to group therapy. 

Unlike the Day Program, your ward can attend a regular school during the day and show up at the center at the close of school. Our After School Program at OC Zteen will build your child into a resilient and blissful personality. 

Price Range: $500 - $800 per session. 

Therapy Program

This is like the third stage of treatment. That is After Day Programs and After School Programs.  It is also known as an outpatient program. It affords your teen much more freedom and autonomy over their time.  Despite that, your teen remains in a healthy connection with the primary therapist and Psychiatrist who have been walking the rehabilitation journey with them. 

Price Range: $300 - $500 per session. 

Neuropsychological Testing

We also carry out a test called Neuropsychological testing. This test is a high-end and sophisticated test used to determine how your teen's brain is wired. Our top-notch certified neuropsychologist usually carries out the test. And consequently, after the test, we will be able to discover your teen's problem-solving abilities, academic capabilities, memory strength, emotional power, and so on. 

This will further help to treat your teen in a way that will further aid their development.

Price Range: $2500-$3500

Your Teen Needs A Psychiatrist?

We offer other private therapy and psychiatric evaluation for teens too. So are you looking for the best psychologists in Orange County, California? Or are you looking to enroll your teen with a private Teen psychologist in Orange County? We at OC Teens have the best crop of adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal, and our prices are unbeatable. We also offer Pediatric mental health services in Orange County, alongside Youth therapy in Southern California. To speak with Admissions or to ask questions, contact us by phone or email at

Low Cost Psychiatrist Orange County
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Low Cost Psychiatrist Orange County
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Low Cost Psychiatrist Orange County Low Cost Psychiatrist Orange County Low Cost Psychiatrist Orange County

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