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Why Gen 5 Fertility Center

The Gen 5 Fertility Difference.

We started Gen 5 Fertility because we wanted to address the problems we had seen in fertility care over many years. All the things that make the fertility process more difficult than it should be. All the things that reduce a patient’s chance of becoming pregnant. The goal of the clinical, laboratory and fertility specialists at the Gen 5 Fertility Center is simple: 

Treat each client the way they deserve to be treated, treat each client the way that we, as experts in fertility, would want to be treated.

Gen 5 San Diego Fertility Center

The Next Level Of Ovarian Rejuvenation.

Are you 35 years or older and trying to become pregnant?

Have you had multiple failed IVF cycles in the past?

Have you been told you have poor egg quality? Low AMH? High FSH? Diminished ovarian reserve?

Do you make embryos but they fail genetic testing? Meet our fertility doctor.

Our Services

The Gen 5 Fertility Center’s focus in solely on one goal: Making sure that every patient, no matter the reason for their infertility, has the greatest possible chance to succeed. Come in for a fertility test  and learn what your treatment options are.

Infertility Evaluation

Gen 5 Fertility clinic in San Diego will conduct detailed testing to find the source of your infertility.

Infertility Services

Find the infertility services and treatments that are suited best for your needs.

Ovarian Rejuvenation

Our Gen 3 ovarian rejuvenation techniques lead the industry in new innovative solution

Our Clients Believe in Gen 5 Fertility.

“Dr Wood is very kind. And Jessica is super nice and always there to answer any questions I have. Great location as well. Beautiful area.”

Jacqueline Chavez

“My first time coming to this clinic and I was very pleased with how I was treated. The Dr was very nice and Jessica was very informative during my screening. She made me feel very comfortable.”

Kristin Calderon

“My experience at GEN 5 is a very good one, very short wait time. Jessica, the coordinator, is always very friendly and attentive. Highly recommend them for any fertility treatment.”

Michelle Ledesma

Don’t let COVID keep you from fertility treatment! Ask about egg freezing and sperm freezing along with donor options.

Your San Diego fertility clinic is also renowned in the areas of egg freezing and mini-IVF. We specialize in helping patients that other fertility centers have given up on because of their low prognosis. Our in vitro fertilization (IVF treatment) involves a number of important steps found on our website, including ovarian stimulation resulting in the harvest of 8 to 10 eggs. They’re then fertilized and examined, including preimplantation genetic testing, before embryo freezing. The fertility doctor at our clinic in San Diego then administers further fertility medication to ensure high success rates.

Among our patient resources is also an egg donor program. This is especially helpful after a woman reaches the age of 40 and has far higher success rates 

With the close proximity to San Diego airport, consider fertility travel – this means there’s always a fertility clinic near you. For fertility tourism, our SD fertility resources will make it a joy to receive IVF in San Diego.  We are committed to providing compassionate care, including reducing the stress of achieving your dream of having a child with fertility financing options.

We also test for male infertility and are experts in treatment for increasing male fertility.  

You’re even covered with our third-party donor and surrogacy treatment plans. Are you an LGBT family? We take pride in helping all our patients with their family building dreams. We’re looking forward to having you become our next patient testimonial. Request an appointment and meet our team!

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