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We started Gen 5 Fertility because we wanted to address the problems we had seen in infertility care over many years. There were too many fertility processes that were more difficult than they should be. We saw too many practices that reduced a patient’s chance of becoming pregnant. The goal of the clinical, laboratory, and fertility specialists at the Gen 5 San Diego Fertility Center is simple: 

Treat each client the way they deserve to be treated, treat each client the way that we, as experts in fertility, would want to be treated.
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Gen 5 Fertility Center in San Diego, California, is a pioneering facility offering outstanding services to people worldwide. Highly respected reproductive endocrinologist Samuel Wood MD, PhD, MA, MBA, HCLD/CC(ABB), FACOG, is one of the foremost fertility authorities in the world. 

The Gen 5 Fertility Center team believes everyone should have the opportunity to live a fertile life and they treat each client the way they, as fertility experts, would like to be treated. The team consists of experienced fertility experts from prestigious backgrounds who work together to help every client achieve the best results possible. 

Gen 5 Fertility Center offers comprehensive assisted reproduction services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), fertility preservation, and LGBTQIA+ family building. Embryos undergo preimplantation genetic testing to ensure they’re healthy and have the best chance of becoming the precious baby parents long for. 

To enhance the ovulation stimulation process, the team uses advanced ovarian rejuvenation techniques for those women who desire them. 

Diagnostic testing is also state-of-the-art at Gen 5 Fertility Center. The team offers a range of services, from semen analysis and hormonal testing to hysterosalpingography (HSG) and hysteroscopy. In addition, the practice’s fertility experts use minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopy, to evaluate and treat conditions that might reduce fertility, including endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

The Gen 5 Fertility Center team aims to ensure that every patient, no matter why they have fertility problems, has the greatest possible chance of successfully becoming a parent. They specialize in helping when other fertility centers can’t overcome people’s challenging fertility issues.

To benefit from exceptional infertility treatment delivered with compassionate care, call Gen 5 Fertility Center today or book an appointment online.

The Next Level Of Ovarian Rejuvenation.
The Next Level Of Ovarian Rejuvenation.
Are you 35 years or older and trying to become pregnant?
Have you had multiple failed IVF cycles in the past?
Have you been told you have poor egg quality? Low AMH? High FSH? Diminished ovarian reserve?
Do you make embryos but they fail genetic testing? Meet our fertility doctor.

If you answered yes to one of these questions, Gen 5 Fertility is here to help walk you through our Ovarian rejuvenation procedure. 

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Our Mission
“To be the most patient-oriented fertility center in the world, striving each day to provide better service and higher success rates for our amazing patients. We bring miracles to life every day!”