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I received care at Gen 5 from Dr Wood after interviewing four different infertility clinics and REIs. I started care in my home state and ended up switching to Dr Wood after a failed cycle and we chose to travel to San Diego rather than stay in state. Dr Wood treated me with respect, kindness and he never brought up my age as a barrier, unlike other clinics and physicians. Dr Wood made me feel hopeful that we’d have a growing family and he offered creative solutions to help us achieve this goal. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Wood and Gen 5; everyone from the phlebotomist, the receptionist, the director of embryology, my nurse care coordinator to the medical assistant and financial counselor, everyone was outstanding and provided exceptional care. My nurse care coordinator was gentle and responded to my needs with grace; I wasn’t an “easy patient” due to high anxiety and significant history of loss. My complicating infertility factors required developing a protocol that was individualized rather than prescribing the highest dose of medication. Dr Wood listened and developed a protocol that produced a higher yield of eggs yet didn’t compromise quality like my previous experience with IVF. While the journey to get here wasn’t easy, three years later, we have a beautiful family and two children whom Dr Wood helped bring into this world. If you are thinking of traveling out of state to see Dr Wood I highly recommend him and Gen 5, you will get the best care and feel like you are important and care for.

Lee A. | Feb, 2024
After four long years of trying to conceive and enduring five unsuccessful IVF cycles at various clinics in San Diego, my husband and I had almost lost hope. We had invested over $100,000 in treatments, and we were very frustrated and discouraged. Then, we turned to Dr. Wood at Gen 5 Fertility Center, a decision that transformed our lives.
Initially, we were skeptical, given our past experiences, but Dr. Wood's optimism and the center's advanced approach gave us hope. Unlike our previous experiences, Dr. Wood introduced us to protocols that were more advanced and tailored specifically to us. This personalized care was a refreshing change.
Our journey at Gen 5 was significantly enhanced by our wonderful coordinator, Jasmine. Both she and Dr. Wood were incredibly supportive throughout the process. They were always available to answer questions, provide reassurance, and spent ample time with us during each visit, including thorough follow-ups.
The protocol designed by Dr. Wood for our situation made all the difference- After just one retrieval, we were overjoyed to have two healthy embryos. We proceeded with the transfer of both, and I am ecstatic to share that we are now pregnant with twins! This miracle was achieved in just one cycle at Gen 5 Fertility Center, a stark contrast to our previous ordeals.
We are beyond grateful towards Dr. Wood and the team at Gen 5 Fertility Center. They have not only provided us with medical excellence but also with emotional support and hope. We feel incredibly blessed to be expecting twins and it's all thanks to the exceptional care at Gen 5.
To those struggling with infertility, I highly recommend starting your journey at Gen 5 Fertility Center. Contact Dr. Wood and save yourself the time, money, and emotional toll of exploring other options. Our experience is a testament to the center's exceptional service and expertise in fertility treatments. We are deeply grateful and excited for this new chapter in our lives!

Evan M. | Jan 31, 2024
Our IVF journey took us five years, through three clinics in as many states, and it wasn't until we met Dr. Wood and his amazing staff that we truly felt listened to and cared for. Dr. Wood crafted a plan for procedure tailored to our circumstances, and in June of 2023 his impeccable knowledge, dedication, and professionalism all coalesced to bring about a successful end to our journey. We could not be more happy with Gen5 (and the beautiful twin babies they helped us bring into this world). Dr. Wood always took time to answer our questions and never rushed through our appointments. Our IVF coordinator, Melissa, went above and beyond in providing guidance, compassion, answering questions, and making us feel like a part of the Gen5 family. After flying across the country multiple times to and from Gen5, we knew we were in good hands and always felt comfortable and cared for. The staff was friendly, positive, and encouraging, and brought us a sense of peace at every visit. Thank you, Gen5, for making our dreams of a family realized!

Jamie O. | Jul 14, 2023
I hope there was an option for 10 starts when you have excellent experience with Doctor, staff, installation, nurses, lab, embryologist and accountability department, all in same place. We feel beyond grateful with Dr. Wood. He made possible what 5 different doctors at 4 different clinics couldn’t after 6 transfers. And he did it on his first try!. We have male factor but even though we couldn’t stay pregnant, I had 5 chemicals and 1 fail transfers, and other Doctors Only wanted me to “keep trying” and that made us loose 9 embabies. That made us feel terrible how other clinics treat your embryos like just the number of opportunities you can “flip the coin”. But not at Gen5 they care about you and your embryos. One clinic even told me to consider egg donation, and carry myself the baby, when that was not the answer. Days before my transfer with Dr. Wood and even knowing my background of all my losses and all tests and lining looking good (no answer for my chemicals, at that point) he told me that I had 85% chances of succeed. One day, he said that my uterus was slightly right, but he was not concerned, that transfers were a little bit different and that they don’t learn that at school, they learn during practice. Well, he was RIGHT again, what the other 5 doctors missed, he didn’t. Thanks to all his experience, knowledge and years of preparation, he is giving us the family we were waiting for 3 years of IVF and 5 of infertility. I am 13 weeks pregnant now for the first time and everything is doing well so far. Marissa and Yuzmel our coordinators were amazing, always answering my concerns on time. They all really care about you. Thank you Gen5 (L) there’s no words that can express how grateful we are.

Daniela O. | Apr 12, 2023
I am in my 40s and the mother of a healthy, beautiful baby girl with the help of Gen 5 Fertility and Dr. Wood! Before I saw Dr. Samuel Wood, I had undergone three terrible cycles of IVF plus a canceled cycle (on my first round of IVF) at two other clinics near where I live. Other doctors told us we only had a 1% to 3% chance of having our own genetic baby due to my age and my husband's sperm issues. Dr. Wood made me feel like a human again. Dr. Wood is one of the best of the best in this field, he thinks outside the box and personalizes the protocol. What I really loved about Dr. Wood and Gen 5 was their great attention to detail, and careful monitoring. The entire team at Gen 5 is genuinely friendly; they make you feel respected and comfortable! Even their blood draws were painless and gentle. I know these reviews seem biased because when you have success of course your reviews will be positive. But even if we didn't have a baby, the points made about Dr. Wood and the friendly team are still the truth. I want to thank Dr. Wood, Dr. Adams and my coordinator Melissa for being part of this stellar team that allowed me to finally become a mom after so many years of heartache and sorrow. I cannot adequately put my gratitude in words!

Jennifer F. | Feb 23, 2023
This center is absolutely phenomenal! Dr Wood & Jessica take all the time needed to answer all questions & always keep me comfortable. I can't recommend them highly enough. As far as I'm concerned this is the only ferility center for me!!

Deb C. | Feb 17, 2023
Dr Wood is a fantastic doctor. Explains everything and makes you feel comfortable. His Nurse Jessica is the best! She answers all questions, and is very friendly! I'm so happy with all of my experiences with this place!

Jennifer B. | Feb 14, 2023
The place is amazing! The doctors are very wonderful and kind, not to mention, the service is phenomenal! There is 6 ultrasonic rooms and 2 surgery rooms and I've seen how spacious and clean they all are. Five stars to the doctors and staff!

Katey F. | Feb 06, 2023
After 18 rounds and 5 yrs ( 3 different Drs ) Gen 5 - Dr Woods and my amazing nurse Melissa A. Are the reason we have our twins today! I cant thank you both enough. Melissa was by far the best nurse, calling and checking in on me! My financial coordinator, Snow was also so knowledgeable, kind, professional and just amazing to work with. This office TOP NOTCH!!! Take my word from someone who has been down this road and on the IVF journey for years... Once you have walked into Gen 5 ... you're truly at Home!!!! Thank you again, Dr Woods, Melissa and Snow! Our family is complete because of YOU !!!!! We love you guys.

Linsey R. | Feb 01, 2023