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Infertility Treatments services offered in San Diego, CA

Infertility treatments offer people who can’t conceive a chance to have children. Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MA, MBA, HCLD/CC(ABB), FACOG, and his team at Gen 5 Fertility Center in San Diego, California, specialize in infertility treatments. They offer treatments using the latest advanced techniques. To find out which infertility treatments could benefit you, call Gen 5 Fertility Center today or go online to schedule a consultation.  

Infertility Treatments Q&A

What are infertility treatments?

Infertility treatments help people have the baby despite the challenges they experience conceiving.  

The Gen 5 Fertility Center team specializes in infertility treatments, using the most advanced methods and technologies to optimize your chances of conception.

What infertility treatments might I need?

The infertility treatment you require depends on the cause of your fertility challenges and your preferences. Options available at Gen 5 Fertility Center include:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF involves harvesting a female partner’s or donor’s eggs and fertilizing them in the lab. The Gen 5 Fertility Center team implants the resulting embryos in the mother’s uterus or someone who carries the baby in their womb but isn’t one of the parents (gestational surrogate).

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

To perform IUI, your fertility specialist first takes a sample of sperm from the intended parent or a donor. They select the healthiest sperm, prepare them, and insert them into the uterus.   

Ovarian Stimulation

To increase the chances of successful IUI and IVF treatments, the woman supplying the eggs usually takes fertility drugs. These medications stimulate the ovaries, so you get multiple mature eggs. Having extra eggs increases your chances of conceiving a healthy embryo.

LGBTQIA+ Family Building

The Gen 5 Fertility Center team offers various infertility treatments for LGBTQIA+ people. One example is reciprocal IVF, which enables partners who may both have wombs to share in the IVF process. That involves creating embryos from one partner’s eggs and donor sperm. Then, your doctor implants a healthy embryo into the other partner’s uterus.

Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation involves freezing eggs, sperm, or fertilized eggs (embryos). It helps you avoid fertility problems in the future if you can’t have a baby now or if you choose to have additional children in the future.

Where do the donors used for infertility treatments come from?

Donated eggs, sperm, embryos, and gestational surrogates are often vital in infertility treatment. Without the generosity of donors, many people would be unable to have children of their own.

Every donor Gen 5 Fertility Center uses for infertility treatments undergoes a comprehensive evaluation to ensure they’re healthy, don’t have inheritable diseases, and are happy to contribute. Intended parents can select a donor or surrogate who meets the requirements, such as ethnicity.


To find out which infertility treatment best suits your situation, call Gen 5 Fertility Center today or go online to book an appointment.