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TESA services offered in San Diego, CA

Sperm are essential for conception. If you have none in your ejaculate, the TESA procedures may allow sperm to be harvested from the testicles. Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MA, MBA, HCLD/CC(ABB), FACOG, and his team at Gen 5 Fertility Center in San Diego, California, specialize in performing procedures such as TESA. They employ advanced techniques to extract sperm and use them for assisted reproduction procedures. To learn how TESA could help you become a parent, call Gen 5 Fertility Center today or go online to schedule a consultation.


What is TESA?

TESA (testicular sperm aspiration) is a method of extracting sperm directly from a man’s body. The procedure involves using the needle to aspirate (draw off) some of the fluid from the testicle.

Why would I need TESA?

You might need to undergo a TESA procedure if there are no sperm in your ejaculate. You make sperm in your testicles that mixes with semen from your prostate gland when you ejaculate. If one of the sperm reaches an egg in a woman’s uterus, the fertilization process can begin.

Some men have fertility problems that mean sperm doesn’t mix with semen when they ejaculate. You can’t tell by looking at semen, so if you experience difficulties conceiving, the Gen 5 Fertility Center team might perform sperm analysis.

If sperm analysis reveals you have no sperm in your ejaculate, you might need to undergo TESA. If they successfully extract sperm, the team can use them for assisted reproduction procedures like in vitro fertilization (IVF).

What does the TESA procedure involve?

When your provider performs TESA, you will be under local anesthesia, numbing the testicle area, so you feel no discomfort. TESA takes about 10 minutes. 

The sample immediately goes for testing to determine whether sperm are present. When possible, the Gen 5 Fertility Center team performs sperm collection on the same day as egg retrieval for couples undergoing IVF.

In most cases, the team also cryopreserve (freeze) sperm following TESA. You can then use the frozen supplies for future rounds of IVF.

To learn more about how TESA helps with fertility, call Gen 5 Fertility Center today or complete the online booking form.