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After Treatment

Should I have more than one Ovarian Rejuvenation procedure?

For most patients, only one Ovarian Rejuvenation is required. If the desired response does not occur or several months have passed since the initial Ovarian Rejuvenation and the patient has not yet responded as desired, consideration can be given to a second Ovarian Rejuvenation.


What can I expect after treatment...Will I feel any different?

Because the effect of Ovarian Rejuvenation is on the ovaries and not the entire body, the vast majority of women do not feel any different after the treatment. Effects can be seen on hormone values, the number of follicles seen on ultrasound, and/or the quality of the eggs/embryos formed following Ovarian Rejuvenation.


Is this procedure safe? What are some side effects associated with it?

The procedure is done by experienced specialist and is done very carefully under ultrasound guidance. Both patients and staff are able to directly observe the procedure. We are pleased that in hundreds of cases, there have been no complications.