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Egg Freezing

Preserving your future

Put time back on your side & learn what you need to know about the egg freezing process

Saving your eggs gives you the chance to select the perfect time for you to become pregnant and have your baby. Most people do not realize that by age 30, 90% of a woman’s eggs are gone. With Gen 5’s amazing egg freezing technology, we can help you determine the best time, stimulate you with hormones for the best retrieval process, and finally, In vitro Fertilization when you’re ready to have a successful pregnancy.

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Take Control
Women have so many demands on their lives and choices. including education, career, and, if they want, finding the perfect partner to help create their family. These are just to name a few of the complexities you deal with day to day.

None of us have complete control over all the factors that determine when we can begin creating our families. But one things for sure. Time is not on your side when it comes to the health and viability of your eggs. By freezing your eggs, you eliminate one of the most pressing issues facing women who need to wait to start their families until they are ready. Whenever you’re ready to explore your options, just let us know. We will prescreen your eggs so that you can make the right choice for you.
Egg freezing
It is a sad fact...
Right now, Your eggs (oocytes) are the best they will ever be. And your fertility is likely the best it will ever be. But you’re not ready to have a baby. Maybe you have work or life goals you want or need to reach. Maybe you don’t know who you want to have a baby with or if you would rather have a baby on your own. Egg freezing lets you protect your fertility. It lets you take whatever time you need without having to worry about your future fertility. Getting younger eggs is the best chance for future you to achieve pregnancy when you’re ready for it.

Our fertility preservation will allow you to make the choice when it’s right for you. We will retrieve multiple eggs to produce the best result and make you feel ready for your decision to freeze your eggs.
You lose 90% of your eggs by age 30 and 97% are gone by age 40.
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Egg Freezing, a proactive fertility service
We are here to empower you to make an informed decision that will positively impact your future options.

Step 1
Egg Freezing Assessment
Is egg (oocyte) freezing right for you? We want you to make a fully informed decision about cryopreserving your eggs, so you’ll start your journey with a fertility assessment and interview. This will include an ultrasound of your ovaries to see how many follicles (eggs) you have and to see what your reproductive hormone levels tell us about your current ovarian reserve. We will explain the details of egg freezing and answer all your questions. Then and only then, after you fully understand egg freezing, can you make the decision that’s right for you…
Step 2
Personalized Plan
Once your decision about egg freezing has been made, we will develop recommendations for your personalized treatment cycle plan. Your fertility care advocate will make sure you have a clear understanding of everything that’s involved in egg cryopreservation and that all of your questions have been answered. You will be provided a personalized daily treatment calendar that lets you know the best way to do everything during your egg freezing cycle. After you review your treatment plan and make sure it’s right for you, then the beginning of your egg freezing plan will begin.
Step 3
Stimulation Process
Ovaries usually just make only one egg (oocyte) each menstrual cycle. But by taking ovarian stimulation medications each day for about 10 days, you will have the chance to create more high quality eggs to freeze. During your stimulation protocol, you’ll come to Gen 5 Fertility for regular pelvic ultrasounds and hormone tests to monitor your ovaries response to the medications. Of course, we will adjust your dosages as needed to generate the right number of follicles and retrieve multiple eggs. Once your reproductive hormone levels and follicle sizes are where they should be, we will provide you with one final medication, usually hCG, to allow your eggs to become mature and to get ready for the ovulation process. A little less than 36 hours later, we will perform the egg retrieval process.
Step 4
Egg Retrieval Day
You will receive some gentle anesthesia through your IV while your eggs (oocytes) are being retrieved under direct ultrasound guidance. This usually takes only 10-15 minutes, and you will usually be able to leave Gen 5 an hour after the egg retrieval is finished. You may be a little sore but almost all women return to their usual routine the following day. As soon as your eggs are retrieved, they are evaluated by one of our embryologists and the mature eggs are frozen (“cryopreserved”) that same day. We will send you a full report showing the number and quality of your frozen eggs (oocytes). Then your frozen eggs will be monitored carefully until you’re ready to take the next step.
Take charge of your destiny
To learn more about egg freezing process, just let us know.
We are here to make sure you have all the information you need.

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Now affordable for everyone wanting fertility preservation
You’re ready to freeze your eggs. But you’re worried about the cost. Can you afford it? Because we don’t want anyone to miss out on the many possible benefits that arise from freezing your eggs, we are pleased to announce a new installment financing plan that makes egg freezing affordable for almost everyone. This plan pays for the egg freezing procedure itself as well as 5 years of storage of your eggs. At last, you can choose to freeze without worrying about finances. Just call us and we’ll give you all the details.
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