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How Can PRP Therapy Rejuvenate My Ovaries?

Jul 02, 2023
Is PRP therapy a real option for people whose ovaries create insufficient healthy eggs? Yes. This procedure is safe, effective, and revolutionary — and it could help you naturally conceive a child.

It can be hard, even incredibly painful, to learn that you are having trouble conceiving a child. Especially if you have dreamed of doing so your whole life, realizing that your body has specific challenges when it comes to conceiving can be devastating. 

While many options are available, the newest, most innovative therapy to date — PRP ovarian rejuvenation — is offered exclusively at our office in San Diego. 

Gen 5 Fertility is the only practice in the United States to offer ovarian rejuvenation with PRP therapy. Dr. Samuel Wood, Dr. Benito Villanueva, and Dr. Martin Bastuba believe in this revolutionary technique and use it to help more people achieve their dream of becoming parents.

PRP therapy 101 

PRP therapy is a reasonably new procedure; its first review was published in 2006. However, the treatment and its uses have grown exponentially since then, partly because PRP therapy is one of the safest treatments available. It uses your own blood, so there is very little chance of infection and no risk of cell rejection. 

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a substance that comes from your blood after being drawn and spun inside a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the PRP from the rest of your blood so that we can extract it. We then use the PRP to rejuvenate cell growth and jumpstart your body’s natural healing process. 

This technique has myriad medical applications, from skin rejuvenation to healing injuries to treating chronic pain. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface regarding the benefits of PRP, and Gen 5 Fertility Center is at the forefront of this innovative treatment, using PRP to treat infertility.  

Using PRP to rejuvenate your ovaries 

Hearing your body might be facing challenges when it comes to conceiving a child is often devastating. Perhaps you have been told you’re experiencing early or premature menopause or that your ovaries aren’t functioning normally enough for you to conceive. Though this news is difficult to hear, PRP therapy could help. 

The process of treating your ovaries with PRP therapy is very similar to other types of PRP-based procedures. We take a sample of your blood, process it in a centrifuge, and extract the PRP. Then, Dr. Woods uses a vaginal ultrasound to guide an injection that delivers the PRP straight into your ovaries. The procedure is painless and very rarely requires anesthesia. 

The goal of the procedure is to jumpstart the development of more healthy and viable oocytes, which improves your follicles and hormonal balances. In a 2020 study involving 38 women treated with PRP, six babies were born, 10 pregnancies occurred, and hormone levels improved significantly throughout the study participants.

A good candidate for ovarian rejuvenation with PRP

If you think you might be a good candidate, contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss the procedure and determine through several tests if the treatment is right for you. In general, those who are dealing with premature menopausal symptoms or who do not have enough healthy eggs to conceive naturally are often great candidates. 

Ovarian rejuvenation with PRP could help

This procedure has changed the lives of many people who desired to have children and were able to achieve that reality. If you want to learn more about how PRP could help rejuvenate your ovaries, call our San Diego, California, office today or book an appointment online.