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Ovarian Rejuvenation

Apr 06, 2022
What Is Ovarian Rejuvenation? Ovarian rejuvenation is a type of fertility treatments that focuses on your ovary. Ovarian Rejuvenation is used to help support poorly performing ovaries.

What Is Ovarian Rejuvenation?

What Is Ovarian Rejuvenation?

Ovarian rejuvenation is a type of fertility treatments that focuses on your ovary. Ovarian Rejuvenation is used to help support poorly performing ovaries. When the ovarian function starts to decline you’ll experience difficulty with getting pregnant. This can be extremely frustrating and a lot of times women start to look at donor egg options for a better pregnancy outcome.

The technical term for this is called a premature ovarian failure or premature ovarian insufficiency (POI). This typically tends to be the issue with women who are older than 35-40. When POI starts you will experience an irregular menstrual cycle which can be the beginning of menopause.

An ovarian rejuvenation will allow for a type of reset in the ovaries to a younger and better-performing ovary. This will allow women having infertility issues to achieve pregnancy without having to get donor eggs to achieve pregnancy.

Why Would I Need Ovarian Rejuvenation?

Why Would I Need Ovarian Rejuvenation?

When you experience POI (primary ovarian insufficiency), there isn’t a specific tie to the reason why this happens. What we can tell you is what is happening inside of your ovaries. Your ovaries have follicles (little sacs) that store your eggs and allow them to grow. There are normally one of two things happening, either the follicle stops working properly earlier than it’s supposed to or you simply run out of follicles that are working properly.

When you’re experiencing POI symptoms, you may have had months or even years of trying to conceive without any success. You may have tried IVF or other infertility treatment that hasn’t been successful for you. If this is the case, you’ve probably been looking at other options like receiving eggs from an egg donor or maybe even adoption.

If you’re really wanting to conceive and have your own baby. You have the chance to do so with ovarian rejuvenation.

What Does The Treatment Process Look Like?

What Does The Treatment Process Look Like?

Before we start the ovarian rejuvenation process, we will first test your AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) levels. AMH is made by the follicles that you have in the ovaries. We want to see an increase in AMH through IVF before we start the treatment.

The treatment process for Ovarian Rejuvenation has three beginning steps. The first is Autologous PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma). The second is Enriched Platelet Factors (EPF) this will include EnPLAF. The third is ULTRA. All of these processes are about using Platelet Enriched Plasma in some part of the step to eventually be injected into your ovaries. This process is nearly painless when it comes to the injection of the PRP or EnPLAF and normally doesn’t require anesthesia. The reason for this is the PRP is guided and directly injected into your eggs with the help of transvaginal guided ultrasound. This style of transfer allows for direct contact with the eggs creating a higher success rate.

PRP treatment:

Your blood will be drawn and taken to be centrifuge spins to separate the blood. This is how we will extract the platelets from your blood. The platelets will then be put in plasma to become platelet rich plasma. At this point, the PRP injections are ready to inject into your ovary.


EPF starts the same way that PRP starts with blood being drawn and put in a centrifuge to separate the blood, extract the platelets, then put into a plasma to create platelet rich plasma. Once this has been done, the PRP will be incubated. After the incubation period is finished, the PRP will be checked for growth factors. The final step is taking the growth factors and injecting them into your ovary.


Ultra with EnPLAF is covered with the same start as PRP and EPF. Blood is drawn and then put in a centrifuge to separate the blood. The PRP is taken and mixed with EnPLAF which in turn creates the ULTRA. As this process is finished, you will then receive an injection with the ULTRA into your ovary. EnPLAF growth factors tend to be about 10-20% higher than in normal PRP.

How Does Ovarian rejuvenation Help With Infertility?

How Does Ovarian rejuvenation Help With Infertility?

The reason that focusing on ovarian rejuvenation therapy for infertility issues, is because of the process of taking growth platelets and putting them in the ovary to allow for stimulating growth. You may be wondering how these growth platelets will help you get pregnant. It’s all about growth. This growth comes from the existing stem cells that are naturally residing in the ovary.

As your AMH levels spike and we see an increase in the number of follicle growth, you will start the ovarian rejuvenation therapy with platelet rich plasma PRP injections to get your body ready for pregnancy.

AMH levels are just the beginning of what is needed to get your body ready for pregnancy. When follicle growth happens, that means that we start to see more eggs and healthier eggs. Having healthier eggs means that when the implantation stage starts, the egg will actually attach and grow to become an embryo.

What Are The Success Rates With Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy?

The current success rates with DR. Samuel Wood M.D. Ph.D. in his fertility clinic in San Diego CA; he’s experiencing about 70% success rate with his current practice of ovarian rejuvenation called Gen 5 Fertility.

There are other factors that go into this, and Dr. Wood is constantly working to get the success rate number up to 90%. There are other factors that play a role in how successful the patients’ results will be. This could simply be the unfortunate but very possible, that there is just not enough left in the patients’ ovary to have a successful treatment.

To learn more about Ovarian rejuvenation, and all the work Dr. Wood is doing with Gen 5 Fertility treatments, click the button below.




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