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Q&A From Our POI And POF Webinar

Mar 15, 2024
Thank you to everyone who attended our recent webinar! Dr. Wood and Shaundre talked about fertility treatments for women with POI and POF and here are some of the questions we got from it.

We had so many great questions that we put together a Q&A list here for everyone:

1. Can ovarian rejuvenation work for undetectable AMH levels?
Most POI and POF patients have undetectable AMH levels, but studies show this isn't a true indicator of egg presence. Ovarian rejuvenation has shown success in restoring egg activity.

2. What's the cost of ovarian rejuvenation and consultation?
A consultation is $149, while the procedure ranges from $3000 to $10000 depending on the recommended generation.

3. Can PRP or rejuvenation procedures resume ovarian activity in POF women?
It varies with each individual, since some have gone many years without getting treatment for it.

4. We see a fertility specialist have done 4 rounds of egg retrieval at 39-42 years old and created poor quality embryos, our outcome hasn't been in our favor. We had 2 transfers with one resulting in a recent miscarriage. My question is if we go to Dr. Wood for PRP, and return to our outside IVF clinic, will Dr. Wood communicate with our outside IVF clinic?
Unfortunately, the communication and timeline, are very difficult between two clinics, because treatment through Dr. Wood is based on 4 hormones being drawn continuously and the treatment would not be efficient when you dose most be changed same day. So this does not work out.

5. How is follicle response tracked while on medication?
Weekly hormone monitoring helps evaluate and adjust dosing until egg activity is observed.

6. How does treatment for Fragile X premutation differ?
Individualized treatment, including ovarian rejuvenation, is recommended based on testing and consultation.

7. Is ovarian rejuvenation effective for chromosomal abnormality-related POI?
Yes, tailored treatment plans address specific endocrine needs for each patient.

8. How long would you say is long enough to try with your own eggs? My AMH is 0.01.
Every individual is different, some patients want to monitor for 3 to 6 months because it can take this long or even up to a year for some to see egg activity, if they have any left. It all depends on how long it has been sent you have had an elevated FSH or no menses.

9. Are international patients accommodated?
Yes, treatment typically requires only a day's visit for the procedure, with follow-up care managed locally.

10. What age range is suitable for ovarian rejuvenation?
Up to age 49, patients can undergo rejuvenation for fertility purposes.

11. How are embryos handled post-rejuvenation?
The goal is to retrieve healthy eggs for fertilization and embryo transfer when ready for pregnancy.

12. Can rejuvenation help alleviate menopausal symptoms?
Treatment targets hormone balance, potentially alleviating symptoms, with eligibility up to age 49.

13. Is there a target FSH range for treatment success?
Specialized treatment aims for FSH levels below 25 without excessive suppression.

14. Will this work if my ovaries are barely visible on ultrasounds? Nurses rarely are able to find my ovaries or it takes them forever.
Dr. Wood is a specialist in finding difficult to see ovaries, patients of mature age or with POF for prolonged time can have very shrunken ovaries.

15. Have any of your POI patients tried Generation 3? I learned that it lasts longer like gen1 but has extra growth factors.
Generation 3 and Generation 1 last the same amount of time or benefit the patient for the same amount of time. But you are correct Generation 3 has the added growth factors. Once you have your consultation, if you would like to go with generation three instead of generation one you have that option. Although, specifically only to POI and POF, Gen 1 works well.

16. Are success rates measurable for POF/POI patients?
Success varies greatly due to individual factors like hormone levels and treatment history.

17. Does freezing fertilized eggs affect offspring health?
Studies show no adverse effects, with frozen embryo transfers being practiced for over two decades.

18. Do birth control pills with estrogen protect against menopausal symptoms?
Yes, birth control pills can help balance hormones and alleviate symptoms.

19. What's the recommended protocol for individuals with hypothyroidism?
Treatment aims to balance the entire endocrine system during the rejuvenation process.

20. How is progress monitored non-invasively post-rejuvenation?
Weekly hormone testing helps track progress without invasive procedures.

21. Is rejuvenation advisable for individuals over 40 who haven't created embryos?
Yes, rejuvenation has helped women over 40 conceive, with careful IVF protocols post-treatment.

22. What are the chances of conceiving a healthy baby naturally after rejuvenation for POI and Fragile X?
IVF with embryo testing offers the best chance of success for healthy pregnancies.

23. I am from Canada, if I want to go with you for treatment to get pregnant, how is the monitoring and medication prescription would work for me?
You would have to come here for a day for the procedure, then we would provide testing orders for you to take to your doctor there and can even provide the medication for you to take home from here.

24. Can you get pregnant on cyclical HRT?
Usually you need continuous medication to keep the FSH from going up and down, and needs to be controlled for a longer period of time in order for follicles to develop.

Be sure to watch the full webinar on YouTube and if you have any additional questions or would like to make an appointment with Dr. Wood or Shaundre, please call us at (858)267-4365 or book an appointment online.