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What You Can Learn at an Infertility Evaluation

May 02, 2023
If you’ve been trying to conceive for more than a year without success and want to know the reasons behind your struggle and any next steps you can take, a series of tests called an infertility evaluation can help.

Have you been trying to conceive regularly for over a year with little luck? This is the benchmark for when couples should seek fertility help; an infertility evaluation is usually the first part of this process. But what does the evaluation teach you, and what will you do going forward? 

Gen 5 Fertility offers several fertility treatments, analyses, and other services. Our San Diego, California, office is led by our board-certified providers — Dr. Samuel Wood, Dr. Benito Villanueva, and Dr. Martin Bastuba — who each take an individualized approach to every couple and offer the best choices for your particular needs.

Why you may need an infertility evaluation

Trying to conceive a child without success can be difficult for both people and the couple as a whole. People often let their minds wander to all the worst-case scenarios when, often, the problem is minor, treatable, or even nothing at all.

An infertility evaluation can seem a little daunting at first, and for some, the fear of getting unfavorable results can loom heavy. But in truth, most people find their issue with fertility (if there is one) can be easily managed with treatments. 

What an infertility evaluation entails 

The evaluation is a series of diagnostic questionnaires, tests, and exams, all designed to uncover factors that may make it difficult for you to conceive. Most of the procedures involved in this evaluation are noninvasive and painless. 

Medical history 

With your medical history, we may be able to uncover certain conditions in your family tree that sometimes cause problems with fertility. For example, PCOS, cystic fibrosis, endometriosis, hormone imbalances, or cancer could make it harder to conceive. 

Semen analysis 

A semen analysis is a noninvasive procedure that allows us to observe the sperm and semen of the male partner. A semen analysis can target a number of issues we can treat or circumvent with the help of certain procedures.

Ovulation analysis 

For the female partner, we start by determining the regularity and health of her ovulation schedule. We can do this through hormone testing. In some cases, we may recommend another exam called a hysteroscopy.

This procedure is only minimally invasive and utilizes a long, thin device with a camera to look inside the uterus. We might also take a biopsy of the uterine lining to determine if there are any additional issues causing infertility. 

What your infertility evaluation will teach you

In many cases, your infertility evaluation will allow you to learn more about why it’s been difficult for you to conceive. About 85% of couples have an identifiable reason for their infertility. Once you know the why, you can move on to the next steps. 

The more you know about yourselves and your needs, the easier it will be to create a successful conception plan. We offer many services — such as IVF and IUI — to help you take the next step in your fertility journey and start down the road to parenthood.  

Get an infertility evaluation today

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